Thursday, July 08, 2010

G20: "A lot got broken here"

A good column on the G20, raising the role of the RCMP to the fore among other mostly astute observations of where we are now:
So many sources are telling me the RCMP were largely at the helm which, if true, means a federal investigation or inquiry is what is needed — something with the power to subpoena and interview the brass of all of the police services involved, deal with all of the public complaints and hear the individual front-line officers’ point of view, as well.

It would be nice to know, even if it’s muted for investigative reasons, if there was a master play book somewhere with a strategy that states police would avoid appearing aggressive in dealing with the Black Bloc by standing down during their crime spree, but then later try to catch them with video evidence and intelligence?

It did seem like much of Toronto was put into a virtual street line up with coppers at some control centre looking at images from special eye-in-the-sky cameras.

If so, an inquiry could introduce to the public a new style of policing for protests or major events or show what can happen to policing if you let the politically correct politicians control it?

While it’s not right to pile on here it’s also important to note that things should not go back to business as usual, either. A lot got broken here. It’s not just breaches of the peace at play but breaches of trust.

There are questions that need answers.

However, the pressure of “you are with us or against us” is wild. It’s human nature at work but more important than covering one’s butt is that fair-minded, neutral leaders take a hard look at all that has happened to make sure there are lessons learned in a free country.

Unless somebody has changed the rules without telling us, it’s the Canadian way.
Well said, especially the latter part, tapping into the unsettled state of affairs that's in need of resolution and leadership.