Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The great bus incident of summer 2010

This was too bad but c'est la vie, from a CP report tonight: "Ignatieff's Liberal Express bus breaks down." Good line from Ignatieff to add some humour to the night:
"We had a little bump in the road near Hawkesbury," Ignatieff told the supporters. "There's a little rumour circulating that Stephen Harper was seen stealing away in the night with motor oil on his hands."
The report goes on to remind us of bus incidents in the past that have become metaphors for failed campaigns, Duceppe & McGuinty are cited. OK. But this is not 1997 or 1999. This is the new media era of 2010 with a 24/7 news cycle that's on speed. Give it a few days of decent events and the bus incident will be in the rear view mirror like ancient history.

Ignatieff seems to be in a good mood, having fun so what more do you want out of this? Make some gaffes, get it out of the way during the hazy days of summer. Ramp up for the real run, ignore the naysayers who are aplenty. They're not the target. People like this are:
Lucille Pichet, a Liberal from Embrun, Ont., said she had come to support the local candidate, but also to get a closer look at Ignatieff. She took about a dozen photos on her cellphone as he walked by.

"I think he's a very good person. It's fun to see him in the flesh, in jeans, he looks younger than on TV," said Duval. "He's dynamic. I think he's more open than Mr. Harper, and more transparent leader too."

Janine Duval, also from Embrun, Ont., acknowledged that Ignatieff had a tough road ahead if he wanted to become prime minister.

"There's always a chance, I would never say never. You have to be positive to be in this game, and if he wasn't positive he wouldn't have gotten into it."
The curious voters who want a look. Who have an open mind. There just might be some of those left out there.