Tuesday, July 06, 2010

If only we had money to spend on infrastructure...


(ashtonpal) Kipling Subway Station, Eatonville, Etobicoke

Aging infrastructure, the important kind, is back in the news due to the Toronto blackout last night:
But the fact that this par-for-the-course meltdown occurred at a facility where most of the circuit breakers are at least 30 years old, and some of them have been operating for more than half a century, was also a reminder that Ontario is making do with an infrastructure that has scarcely been updated in decades. And perhaps, for the vast majority of people who don’t spend much time thinking about energy supply so long as the lights are on, it could also be a wake-up call.

The reason that most governments have neglected needed power upgrades is that there’s little political upside. Projects are massively expensive, they can easily cause controversy by going over-budget and nobody really celebrates them when they’re finished.
Noticed abroad too due to a certain royal presence.

Gee, if only we had billions of dollars at our disposal to spend on crucial aging national infrastructure. Oh wait...we did.

Oh well, lots of new hockey rinks for years to come. Lights might be an issue. But hockey rinks galore.