Friday, July 30, 2010

Just can't help themselves

What a difference a few hours make. Peter MacKay quoted in the Sun Media piece on the Wednesday Russian jet incident:
Asked if he was playing up this Russian incursion to boost support for the F-35 purchase, MacKay said no.

"Surely even the most cynical, partisan person would not suggest that we engineered the visit of a Russian bomber to boost support for our air force," said MacKay.
Cue MacKay's party making hay with the incident to bolster the fighter jet purchase later today:
While similar incidents occur 12 to 18 times a year, a story on the confrontation appeared on Friday morning in the Sun Media chain. Within a few hours, the Conservative Party issued talking points on the matter designed to boost the Harper government’s plan to buy Joint Strike Fighter F-35 fighter jets to start replacing the CF-18s in 2017.

“This incident demonstrates why it is vitally important for the Canadian Armed Forces to have the best technology and equipment available,” the Conservative Party said.
So predictable, of course this is why the incident was hyped in Sun Media. Maybe MacKay should make sure the party has his back before he makes such statements in the national media.

If this were indeed a serious incident, surely the governing party wouldn't be playing politics with it the way they are, hyping it with press releases. But they are. Speaks for itself.