Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More GG-palooza

Bit of a delay on this one from me but it's worth noting...this has to be one of the most defensive sounding government statements in recent memory, it really stands out, from the PMO yesterday: "Governor General Consultation Committee." Consider the first three lines:
There has never been a robust consultation process on the appointment of a Governor General. Past consultations have been ad hoc and perfunctory.

Recognizing the significant role the Governor General fills as the Crown’s representative in Canada, Prime Minister Harper appointed an expert advisory committee to lead an unprecedented national consultation effort.
Overstate much about one's own efforts? Who says there's never been a robust consultation process in the past? Maybe never formally documented and trumpeted by defensive press release the way this one was, but on what authority do they say this?

The release of the above statement by the Prime Minister's Office on Monday (posted online Monday) and not in conjunction with last week's announcement is an oddity which underscores the defensiveness of it all. Especially when they really didn't have to be so defensive. There were a few columnists taking shots but the majority of reaction has been positive. The issuing of that statement suggests a jumpiness, a sensitivity on the PMO's part that's noticeable and surprising. They seem kind of worried.

For more context on what may be driving the PMO's jumpiness, Travers' column today is a good read.