Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Well this is interesting. Apparently CBC is reporting other polls beyond Ekos now? If they are, good development. The emphasis on a given pollster per media outlet is really bad practice and I wish they'd all get away from it. Anyway, the goods today are from Environics and they show a closer race than we've seen in other polls of late:

Cons 35, Libs 32, NDP 15, Greens 6.

So how 'bout that 3 point spread? As the report notes, others have a wider spread between the Conservatives and Liberals but it notes the methodological differences too. Who knows what's at play and these polls will yet make us all batty. Taken from July 5-8, the big items in the news would have been the end of the Queen's visit and the aftermath of the G20.

Might as well throw it on the barbie and fire up that bus, BCL says the big mo is with the Liberals and I'm ok with that.