Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Toronto Police Services Board G20 review a step in the right direction

They seem to be on the road to doing what they can do, creating a needed civilian review of G20 police action, at the municipal level. While there was a brouhaha during the announcement of the review, that was a good strong message to the Board. The Board has been served notice that its review, in terms of who will oversee it, what kind of public input will occur, the terms of reference, etc., will be coming in for a high level of scrutiny once they come forth in two weeks with their proposal.

Toronto Councillor and Board member Adam Vaughan's comments today sounded promising:
Board members ardently defended Mr. Mukherjee’s recommendation, arguing that the public would be given an opportunity to voice their opinions on a proposed review leader and the terms of reference when the Board reconvenes in two weeks.

“It’s a been a very tumultuous time in this city and we all need to afford each other patience and an opportunity to proceed fairly. I recognize for some people the need to speak is immediate and urgent and I respect that,” said Board member Adam Vaughan, who is also city councillor for Trinity-Spadina.

“In two weeks, there will be a presentation to the public, for comment, and for input. We have not made a decision. We are telling you how we are going to make a decision and how we’re going to include public input. I recognize that people want to speak. They will speak and they will be heard.”
Given the seriousness of the allegations that have been pouring out (latest - h/t), this review, along with any others to come, has to have integrity. They must know the pressure they are under.