Saturday, July 24, 2010

Trouble in Simcoe-Grey

Word out of Simcoe-Grey last night courtesy of CTV (video) that Helena Guergis is expressing a firm intent to run as an independent in that riding should she not be permitted to run again as a Conservative.
"My name will be on the ballot."
How that will play out in an election is anyone's guess but a split vote among the right-spectrum of candidates could help Liberal chances in the riding in particular. Could be just like old times.

Second point here, this word from the backrooms of the Conservative brain trust that is being fed to reporters to the effect that Guergis should concentrate on her personal life at this point in time seems entirely patronizing (Fife report on Thursday night and last night's Hamamdjian report too). If you watch the report from last night, you'll see that Guergis is clearly pregnant. Now if she chooses to pursue her political career at the same time, and she is still a sitting MP after all, this Conservative line risks making them look quite bad. Sure, there is still an Ethics investigation open on Guergis and that may yet prove to be an obstacle for her. But why the Conservatives have decided to additionally go down the road of dealing out the father knows best stuff is beyond even this frequent Guergis critic.