Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ahab and the white whale

Ahab would be the guy on the left if we can have a bit of fun with yesterday's precious Harper photo op. The white whale, a beluga, floats in the background while our modern day Ahab gives a cursory defence of his baffling census decision. Ahab, as we know, destroyed himself (and his crew) in his zeal to catch the white whale. The white whale for Harper? That would be a majority government, difficult to attain with the Bloc on the federal scene but not impossible had Harper grown support beyond his base. This census adventure possibly represents a final crimp in that plan:
The census debate, so provocative and so needless but for the exigencies of ideology, roused civic society as few decisions have done in recent decades. The census will lodge itself in a corner of the electorate’s collective memory as a talisman for what the Harperites might do if given a freer rein and, as such, has ruined what little chance they had of achieving a majority.
Munir Sheikh writes today that time is still there for a fix to be considered. Will PM Ahab reach for the lifeline or continue on with this destructive decision?