Sunday, August 22, 2010

And here is where we juxtapose...

A follow-up on a big issue from the past week...

Sometimes, for the PM, experience is a good thing. Recall his remarks about John Baird upon his appointment to the position of House Leader:
“That brings us to why we are here today. The work of Parliament depends on the maturity and wisdom of key members.

To succeed him as Government House leader, I have therefore chosen one of our most experienced and senior Ministers, the Honourable John Baird. I have given John a very clear mandate – to make Parliament work. To make sure we stay the course at this time of global uncertainty. John is trusted and respected by his colleagues, with a deserved reputation for getting things done. I have every confidence in John and it is for that reason I have entrusted him with this important new role."
Depends on how important the job is to the PM.

Because the spin on Pat Stogran being released by the Harper government from the Veterans' Ombudsman position was quite different. Experience, it turns out, can be a double-edged sword:
"It's difficult work for an ombudsman to be there and to try to look inside the department and to find if there is systemic problem and to deliver suggestions, Blackburn said on CBC's Power & Politics with Evan Solomon.

"I think [Pat] Stogran has done this job and it's on a three-year period of time. I think it's good for our veterans that after a three-year term, that somebody else will take the torch and still go on to help our veterans."
Apparently Mr. Stogran has to go because, after 3 years, he has experience and it's time to let someone completely new take over since that would be in vets' best interests.

So experience is either a good thing to be embraced, or a bad thing to be expunged. It's all very confusing. Par for the course with this government, whatever fits the moment's political needs.

(h/t a little birdie)