Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Another appeal for the PM to do the right thing on the census

A Globe editorial does so and makes the case with a sample list of those supporting the government's census decision and those opposing:

Fraser Institute; National Citizens' Coalition; Canadian Taxpayers Federation.


Canadian Federation of Independent Business; Information and Communications Technology Council; Canadian Marketing Association; governments of Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island and Nunavut; Federation of Canadian Municipalities; the four main federal opposition parties;

Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami; Maytree Foundation; Fédération des communautés francophones et acadienne du Canada; Quebec Community Groups Network; Rural Ontario Institute; Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants; Chinese Canadian National Council; United Way of Canada; New Brunswick Association of Social Workers; Vancouver School Board; Canadian Library Association; Canadian Association of University Teachers; Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario; Canadian Association of Journalists; United Way of Canada; United Steelworkers; United Church of Canada; Canadian Jewish Congress; Evangelical Fellowship of Canada; Anglican Church of Canada; Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops; Statistical Society of Canada; C.D. Howe Institute; Canada West Foundation; Institute for Research on Public Policy; Royal Society of Canada; Munir Sheikh and Ivan Fellegi, former Chief Statisticians of Canada; Canadian Medical Association Journal; editorial board of Nature magazine.
Time is short, says the editorial, for the change in census policy to occur. Such appeals do not appear to be working though. We kind of know the lists by now. Tougher words may be needed.

What do you say about a minority government PM who won't listen to the people, who won't listen to overwhelming opposition to a consequential decision...hmmm? Maybe in the next few days it'll ratchet up.