Sunday, August 29, 2010

CRTC could see big appointment this week

A second voice was ringing the alarm bell this past week about Harper's intentions toward the CRTC, in case you missed this:
The only fly in the Harper/Murdoch/PĂ©ladeau ointment is the CRTC. The regulatory commission is refusing to issue a Category 1 licence, which would require cable companies to carry Sun TV News.

The word in Ottawa is that the prime minister is not amused. He is said to want CRTC chair Konrad von Finckenstein replaced before his term expires in 2012. Before that, however, Harper will get to name a new vice-chair to replace Michel Arpin whose term ends next week.

The name at the top of the list to succeed Arpin is Luc Lavoie, former spokesperson/apologist for Brian Mulroney and former executive vice-president at Quebecor.

If Harper gets his way with the CRTC, he could soon have his hands around the throat of Canadian broadcasting.
So we could see a new CRTC vice-chair appointment this week. Arpin's term ends on Monday. That's something to watch for, with perhaps an indication of Harper's intentions toward the CRTC and applications that will be before it in the near future including Sun Media's bid for must carry status. Hard to believe the Lavoie rumour for many reasons. Talk about audacity, that appointment would become infamous, instantaneously. And not in a good way.

In other Harper/Sun Media/Pierre Karl Peladeau news this weekend comes word that the federal government will indeed be considering funding for an arena in Quebec City, an arena that would be used to lure a Pierre Karl Peladeau sought after NHL team to the city. As confirmed by a Stockwell Day staffer (look beyond the spin/double speak).

Why does that telecommunications term convergence keep coming to mind...