Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nobody buying the spin

This is a good development. Reaction to the removal of Marty Cheliak as the RCMP director of the Canadian Firearms Program is widely of the negative variety. Few are believing the government's spin, i.e.: "Dropping RCMP firearms chief not political: Harper." That is evident in a few worthwhile videos at that page, including Craig Oliver's comments and the national report by Danielle Hamamdjian last night.

Reaction among police groups was negative.

And of course, there was Don Martin's column last night: "Letting go of Cheliak was entirely political, despite what Harper says." Can't hurt that normally friendly quarters are not indulging the story.

With all the turbulence going on at the RCMP, it'll be interesting to see if any word seeps out with respect to how exactly it is that the RCMP arrived at this sudden decision to send the gun registry supporting Cheliak off to French classes. That it is a decision which benefits the Harper Conservatives' political position on the gun registry cannot be ignored. The independence of the RCMP is under the microscope once more. That, not such a good development.