Monday, August 09, 2010

Official languages announcerama rolls on

Following up on this morning's post on the official languages watch in the wake of the census brouhaha and a francophone/acadian group's lawsuit against the federal government, James Moore continued his official languages announcerama today: "The Government of Canada Announces its Support for Official Languages in Nova Scotia." Next stop, Newfoundland!

Here's a Moore quote from the p.r. release:
"Our Government is a leader in Canada on official languages," said Minister Moore.
Yes, clearly. This is why the Official Languages Commissioner has started an investigation on the fallout of the census change on the government's ability to maintain official languages support across the country. And it's why the federal government is presently being sued.
A judge is scheduled to hear their arguments Tuesday morning in Federal Court in Ottawa.
Down the road, say 10 - or any number of years from now - the data on francophone speakers will have been damaged by this break in statistical integrity that the Harper government is perpetrating with this census decision. Throwing money around now does not change that. Should be interesting to see what transpires at the hearing tomorrow.