Friday, September 17, 2010

Canada cutting it close at the UN

Countries have taken note of Harper's domestic politicking as the UN Security Council seat vote approaches on October 12th and may be factoring it in to their choices:
But some countries say they are leaning toward Canada's two rivals in the contest — Germany and Portugal — with one Western European ally questioning Harper's true commitment to the UN given that he chose a Tim Hortons photo-op last year over addressing the General Assembly.
Harper came under political fire at home last year for choosing to be at Tim Hortons photo-op in Oakville, Ont., rather than the assembly. But some foreign governments also questioned the choice.

Most countries would like to see Canada succeed, the Western European diplomat said. "But you can't take it for granted. You have to want something. That's what we find a bit lacking."
Given that Harper and his ministers are jetting in and out of New York again this week for a Canadian domestic issue, to wit, the anti-gun registry private member's bill, will that impression be reinforced?

Still seems hard to believe that Canada will lose out to Portugal in the end. But it sounds like we're cutting it close when it really shouldn't be.
Canadian officials are reluctant to talk about the country's campaign, even anonymously. They don't want to raise expectations, and they don't want to jinx the final weeks of the campaign.
Somebody forgot to tell the National "PM on brink of world-stage coup" Post.