Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 1

Now I know the old hand columnists are all aflutter after the first day's events of the big Parliamentary return and they all have their takes, some making a little sense, more so than others. But I thought I'd contribute one secret thing I picked up this summer that I don't seem to see anyone talking about. Everything changed this summer when Iggy started to do his patented knee bend. When an important point of emphasis needs to be made, the knee bend kicks in. It means he's into it, body and soul. As you can see in the video below, it made its way to Parliament Hill as well (@ 0:57 min mark) after he got off the bus. This bodes well. Only problem, I'm not sure it made its way inside to the floor of Question Period. I would strongly advise that it make an appearance, Question Period needs a certain je ne sais quoi these days and while interesting and probably a far away remedy, it's not Michael Chong's overhyped reforms that will save us all at the moment. So bring it, Iggy, let's see those summer knee bends continue, the nation awaits.