Thursday, September 23, 2010

Foggy scenario at the U.N.

According to this report, "Canada fears loss in UN Security Council race," we're either in jeopardy of losing that Security Council seat to Portugal or the government is trying to hopelessly lower expectations so it can get a win out of what should be a routine slot on the Council each decade for Canada:
Canada could lose to Germany in the first round of voting, and might not win a tough fight on a second ballot against Portugal, say government sources.
And while many observers have pegged Canada as an easy favourite to beat Portugal for the second seat, the official said he is worried that won't happen.
This columnist is putting Canada's chance of getting the seat at 60%, to Portugal's 40%. CTV reports greater confidence among government officials.

Whatever the real case is, the fact that there is indeed concern circulating that Canada might not get that seat is a remarkable achievement for the Harper government. This tenuous situation is something to keep in mind as Harper speaks at the U.N. today and we watch what he has to say.