Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hello from elite Toronto

Is it wrong that I burst out in laughter when I read about Mr. Baird sometimes:
Baird discouraged talk of a fall election, saying no one wants one. It's time for steady and stable leadership, he said.
Yes, it's time! It's been, what, four years with the Harper version of "steady" and "stable" leadership. Also known as throttling the House of Commons by starving it of information, forcing countless unnecessary confidence votes, obstructing the operation of parliamentary committees, foisting two undemocratic prorogations on the nation...should I go on?

About this "Toronto elite" bidness:
Baird acknowledged that Tory attempts to abolish the registry will likely fail. He blamed, in part, "the Toronto elites" who lead the opposition parties. His comment appeared clearly aimed at appealing to rural voters, many of whom bristle at registering hunting rifles — and being dictated to by city folk.
Pogge has already pointed out that Mr. Stephen Harper was born in Toronto. On a lark, one day on my elite way to the airport (on my secret route), I actually drove by the earlier-Harper-iteration home. Quite a nice, upper middle class spread, some might even call it elite digs. What on earth evoked his adulthood antipathy toward we good denizens, I'll never get. I quite enjoyed Stephane Dion's words on Mr. Harper today, from Le Devoir:
Selon lui, il sera plus facile pour Michael Ignatieff de faire campagne au Québec que pour lui en 2008. «La principale différence, c'est que le gouvernement conservateur n'avait que deux ans de gouvernance à l'époque. Il était nouveau. Nous étions perçus comme l'ancien gouvernement et on se débattait. Aujourd'hui, les gens voient mieux la couleur de Stephen Harper et ça ne leur plaît pas», estime-t-il.
Yes, the colours are shining through much more clearly now.

To sum up Baird's opening gambit: divisive, combative, pejorative. Their version of steady and stable is not having an auspicious fall start. And I wonder if they're lifting the "stable" talking point from the U.K. and Australian experiences of late, where the word was repeated ad infinitum in the context of settling those minority parliament results. Subliminable stuff, it's not an accident.

All sounds like electioneering to me. With this fall tour of cabinet types, talking an extension now of the March stimulus cutoff deadline...wouldn't put it past them at all.

Except for the Toronto bashing. Not good for those GTA aspirations, Conservatives. Knock. It. Off.