Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pan out time

Cue the very well thought out fall plan, it's almost Parliament time:
A senior government official tells the Canadian Press that Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his caucus will travel the country as part of a pan-Canadian consultation process on the next phase of the economic action plan.
Hmmm, a few questions.

Consultation on the "next phase of the economic action plan"? Is there one? Thought the next phase was the turning off the infrastructure taps at the end of March. And the new "period of fiscal restraint." So that doesn't sound like a very promising next phase to be touring on! this just going to be more of that Mike Duffy roadshow stuff? With the planted audiences, planted questions, i.e., high gloss fakery? Or will real unscreened Canadians be permitted to take part in the big pan-Canadian consultations coming our way? Serious or for show?

And one last question. Is the cupboard bare in Conservative idea land? Because this little fall preview certainly smacks of it.