Sunday, September 19, 2010

Quote of the day

Here is a big problem for the Conservatives as Parliament heads back to school tomorrow, what this veteran said in response to the hobbled together Sunday afternoon MacKay/Blackburn press conference:
Veteran's advocate Dennis Manuge, who was injured in an accident at CFB Petawawa just before being deployed to Bosnia in 2001, said he wasn't impressed with the announcement in light of recent government spending.

"Two billion — well, nice, thanks, but how about $9 to $16 billion for jets, and $1 billion on G8 and G20?" Manuge said from his home in Musquodoboit Harbour, N.S.
Conservative priorities are out of whack and people get it. Very easy to grasp.

Good luck with the session, kids! Going to be a fun one.

P.S. Almost forgot, Orwellian backdrop...check!