Friday, October 22, 2010

Bumbling along toward a Khadr resolution

What's been rumoured all week finally occurred today: "Clinton, Cannon discuss Khadr case." This discussion apparently came after Lawrence "Loose" Cannon was quoted early today, helpfully stating this:
"It's not up to me to determine how the U.S. government is going to be working in this case," Cannon said in interview with CBC News on Friday from Beijing. "These are issues, of course, that are of concern to the United States. It deals with their judicial system, their legal system."
Hands off, deference to the end. But hey, Larry, as you guys like to forget, it also deals with our legal system.

Maybe Hillary got on the phone after hearing that remark from Cannon. Because if there is a deal and the U.S. is trying to resolve this case, Cannon's comments weren't exactly encouraging, the U.S. will need our help. Michelle Shephard reported on the rumoured deal again late today:
Sources told the Star and other news agencies that Khadr has agreed to plead guilty to murder and four other war crimes in return for a sentence of eight years.

But part of the deal involves Khadr serving seven of those years in Canada (or less if granted early parole).

That’s not something the Pentagon can guarantee without Ottawa’s behind-the-scenes assurance that Khadr’s application for transfer will be accepted — presumably the subject of Clinton’s call.
There definitely seems to be uber-heightened sensitivity over who's leading this possible resolution and who is seen to be leading it. Canada wants none of it, publicly, and clearly wants to lay it all in American hands. Not exactly news to us but it is interesting to watch how it's all being managed.