Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Conservative statesmanship

This Postmedia report on the latest Security Council goings on has more of the typical Conservative m.o.: "Cannon makes final push for a UN Security Council seat." Cannon is elevating domestic politics to the world stage in what looks like a bid to cover the Conservatives should they lose out on getting a Security Council seat. Make no mistake, the fact that it's close, that it's tight and has become a high wire proposition is a major Conservative failing. This is a seat we should be getting as a routine matter given our track record of gaining that slot once a decade. It's clearly Canada's turn yet Portugal, in tremendous financial difficulties and a weakened state, is giving us a run for it.

Canada's environmental stance on the international stage looms large, our faltering commitment to Africa, our abandonment of a neutral broker position in the Middle East, all of these positions are being factored in by nations voting on this decision. Despite those very high profile stances that are shadowing our bid, Mr. Cannon seeks to blame a one-off comment by the federal opposition leader for the government's difficulties. He can blame many more while he's at it.

Despite the politicking, Canada will likely get the seat. This is Cannon covering his and his government's you know what by taking a shot where they can. And shamefully doing so on the world stage.

Update (10:30 p.m.): CP report has more context.