Thursday, October 07, 2010

Damage control time

From Harper-come-lately on the extensive veterans affairs privacy breaches :
Harper reacted angrily to the finding when asked to comment on it by reporters on Thursday in Winnipeg.

"The government has absolutely no tolerance for the behaviour that went on here. We asked the privacy commissioner to look into this matter," he told reporters following a press conference at an aerospace plant in Winnipeg.

"The fact that some of the bureaucracy had been abusing these files and not following appropriate process is completely unacceptable. And we will ensure that rules are followed, that the recommendations of the privacy commissioner are implemented –- that if this behaviour continues there will be strong action against it.

"Our veterans are people who have put their lives on the line for this country and it is completely unacceptable that rules are being broken in this manner."
Anger, yep.

Spin that makes it look like you acted with foresight, suggesting your government prompted the privacy commissioner's investigation, yep.

Offered in a manner of the "what took them so long" variety, yep. When you didn't order the investigation at all.

Finger pointing at bureaucracy without accepting responsibility, yep.

P.R. and damage control, yep.

In charge and incompetent to oversee and prevent such abuses over the last four years? Yep.