Saturday, October 23, 2010


The nervous Nellies all around are agitating behind the scenes of the Khadr trial. This one's got a bunch of anonymous sourcing: "Canada can scrap Khadr plea deal: source." Yep, that's one of the big angles, someone floating trial balloons about not going along with a possible plea deal between the prosecution and defence by refusing to let Khadr serve in Canada. Because of the crafty lawyers:
What’s more, once Khadr is back in Canada, his Canadian lawyers are expected to search for any loopholes in the repatriation terms, assessing the applicability of legislation such as the Young Offenders Act to try to ensure his early release, sources in the Canadian government have confided.
Then there are the U.S. voices now expressing remarkable concerns about what the world will be missing out on:
“The world may now be deprived of the opportunity to witness a trial on the guilt or innocence (of the accused) in front of a well-conceived tribunal that’s composed of a fair and scholarly judge, prosecutors who are operating with the highest professional ethics, and a defence team that’s presenting the facts to a competent jury,” said one person close to the case.
Never mind that Khadr has been waiting onwards of 8 years without trial, for what this unknown source presents as some kind of model of justice for the world. How quickly they forget the tortured legal history of that place

The Post report goes on from there, with others having a stake in the proceedings weighing in as well. Lots of politics and wrangling still to go in this one it appears.