Thursday, October 14, 2010

No love from India

Et tu, India?
When the time came for Canada to count its friends in its bid for a seat at the United Nations Security Council, India wasn’t there.

Those with a close knowledge of how nations voted in the General Assembly say India supported Portugal over Canada in the contest for a temporary seat on the council this week. That vote stings: Prime Minister Stephen Harper has invested a great deal of political capital in improving Indo-Canadian ties. In this instance, at least, his efforts were for naught.
Another shocker in the fallout of the UN Security Council failure. There has indeed been all that political capital invested.

I mean, we have a Bollywood superstar as our new tourism ambassador for India. How much deeper can you get in terms of fostering national ties? I hear Shakira is next up to promote that Columbia-Canada FTA.

And surely that little diplomatic row this summer where we called the Indian border force "...a “notoriously violent unit” that engages in “systematic torture" wouldn't have factored. We apologized for that bungle, profusely.

It all continues to be so puzzling.