Thursday, October 28, 2010

Order, order

In the news today, Question Period reform! The group Canadians Advocating Political Participation are supporting M-517, Conservative MP Michael Chong's Question Period reform initiative. More from CAPP here on their campaign and you can read the details of Chong's motion here.

Note that element (i) of Chong's motion proposes that the Speaker's role be fortified:
(i) elevating decorum and fortifying the use of discipline by the Speaker, to strengthen the dignity and authority of the House
We've seen some steps down that road in the past year or so but not really enough.

Here's a bit of fun. A twitter friend just put this bug in my ear on Betty Boothroyd, former Speaker in the British House of Commons. Educational to watch as a contrast to our proceedings.

Betty Boothroyd is probably, as you can see, one of a kind. As the Commons committee looks at this motion, it will be interesting to see what kind of uniquely Canadian evolution in the Speaker's institution might be considered. Also important, who the successor to Peter Milliken will be.

Fun with Question Period reform, who knew.