Thursday, October 07, 2010

Our fantasy based government rolls on

When an RCMP investigation is the big news of the day, what better place for a Conservative minister to photo op (Madan report) by way of distraction than at a prison?
The federal government will spend $155.5 million to expand prisons in Ontario and Quebec, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews announced Thursday.
Toews dismissed reports from Statistics Canada that the crime rate is falling. In July, the statistical agency reported that "both the volume and severity of police-reported crime fell in 2009," three per cent from 2008 and 17 per cent from 1999.

"The crime isn't going down," Toews insisted. "It is still unacceptably high. Canadians should not be subjected to that kind of crime rate."
You tell 'em, Vic. Silly Statistics Canada and their "facts."

Next up for Toews, capturing the unicorn that is apparently running free in the Don Valley wilds of downtown Toronto: