Monday, October 04, 2010

The PM & Fantino speculation

Updated (Wed Oct 6th 10:40 p.m.) below.

Well, he better run then: "PM pressing Julian Fantino to run, source says." Rebuffing the PM is a bad look on the PM and I'm sure he wouldn't have the details publicly leaked unless Fantino was on board.

Unless...this is just more of that Liberal brand destroying PM in action, trying to demoralize Liberals who have held the seat for years, by floating a heavyweight candidate with high name recognition. Which, if you ask me, is the more likely explanation. Fantino is, what, 68 years old? And a source says this:
Early last month, Mr. Fantino tried to play down rumours he was being courted by the Tories. At that time, he told the Toronto Star he was more interested in “decompressing from 42 years of busy public service.”
And a source who knows Mr. Fantino believes that it still the case. He said he cannot see him running to be a backbench MP. The former policeman is not a “yes man,” the source told The Globe, noting that the former top cop is “famously abrasive” and would likely butt heads with the Prime Minister.
Sound like Conservative p.r. sabre rattling.

Update: While there's no announcement yet, the Star is reporting Fantino, at the age of 67 (must be late fall birthday) will be the Conservative candidate.