Sunday, October 03, 2010

Quebec City power play still in the works

Pierre Karl Peladeau and various politicos were at the Nordiques arena rally yesterday in Quebec City on the Plains of Abraham. Peladeau is now suggesting he'd be open to making some kind of contribution, which would possibly provide cover for a federal contribution. He's being careful, just saying Quebecor is not closed to any proposals that might be on the table. And still maintaining that he will (or will be) putting in hundreds of millions of dollars already, keeping expectations low but keeping a door open at the same time. And what's good for Quebecor is good for Quebec, he actually stated, so really, he's already doing his part for Quebecer's pensions (Caisse ownership in Quebecor), how much more can a highly successful major media corporation do?

Josee Verner sounded quite enthusiastic:
«On travaille le plus rapidement possible. Nous on est ouverts à ça depuis le début ok? C’est juste qu’il faut trouver une façon de le faire et c’est là-dessus qu’on travaille», a-t-elle dit en évoquant «différentes options».

Appelée à commenter l’ouverture affichée par M. Péladeau, la ministre a dit qu’il n’était pas question pour elle de discuter publiquement de ses «hypothèses de travai » mais qu’il s’agissait d’un très bon «signe».
It's all about finding a way to do it now, that seemed to be the emphasis from Verner. And Conservative MP Steven Blaney was in the Nordiques jersey again. It seems to be in the works, and if it is, how the Conservatives go about justifying this expenditure will be something to watch. You can well imagine the cities across the country are taking note. Politicians may be lining up in support of this but whether Canadians will support it is another question.