Friday, October 22, 2010

Strange turn of events

Ethics are a hallmark for John Baird's Conservative party:
Mr. Speaker, this government, when it comes to administrating the public's business, always acts with great, high ethical standards, openness, transparency and fairness. Those are all the principles. When it comes to standing up for Canada, this government has no price. We will always do what is right for this great country.
This is a puzzler then:
A Conservative riding association that hosted a controversial fundraiser involving Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Quebec lieutenant last year will be shut down by the end of the month.

The party's Bourassa riding association in Montreal hosted one of two events, attended by Natural Resources Minister Christian Paradis, that have prompted questions about whether there are links between financial contributions to the Conservative party and multimillion-dollar contracts awarded by the government.

The Tory riding association raised nearly $16,000 after hosting a fundraising event in January 2009 that was attended by several business leaders, including some from out of town.

Elections Canada announced this month that it would be deregistered for not complying with annual reporting requirements.
The Conservative party said it was reorganizing and building a new riding association executive for Bourassa, but did not have further details.
Surely the "great, high ethical standards, openness, transparency and fairness" of this government warrant an explanation here.