Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Sun TV dials back licence application

The post-Teneycke Sun TV world keeps a changin': "Sun TV gears down licence application." Pierre Karl Peladeau stated today that the special status they had been seeking, their cleverly contrived "must offer" variation of the "must carry" designation, will no longer be part of their application. It does appear that instead of pursuing wide carriage on Canadians' television dials, Sun TV is now content to seek "...the same Category 2 licence governing many digital specialty channels." Comparable Category 2 channels would be BBC Canada, for example. This move is risky for them as the Globe notes, Quebecor had recently written to the CRTC stating that a Category 2 licence would be "fatal to our business case...and would likely result in the cancellation of the Sun TV News project.”

So what's going on with Sun TV? Taking a longer view, perhaps, just content to ramp up prior to the CRTC's consideration of applications for must carry status in late 2011.

Or, maybe there are too many special asks on the table at the moment emanating out of Quebecor. As in, this one is perhaps now the priority.

Update: Peladeau's op-ed in his paper's chain. Think the longer view is the route he's taking.