Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Things that aren't surprising

"About a third blame Ignatieff for UN loss: poll." Of course they do. Those would quite likely be the charter members of the kool-aid drinking Conservative base. Lost on the Iggy blamers, as we know, the irony of imputing to him such power on the international stage to upset our bid, years in the planning.

I note that the CP report headline to the link above is different from the remarkably distorted one in the Globe that Far And Wide has blogged. That is just a fascinating headline there.

The majority, however, in the poll know the score:
Fifty per cent of those polled blamed "the government's recent record on international diplomacy" for the loss, but Ignatieff came in a close second.
That really should be the main takeaway for this poll, but that's not really sexy enough in present day Canadian politics.

One other point, I watched a video covering Ignatieff's appearance this week in Guelph for another one of those Open Mike events. The video largely covered the questions that students were asking him at the event, more so than Ignatieff. Pretty impressive bunch of kids. I noticed one who did cite media reports on Ignatieff's UN comment, asking for clarification on it and whether this affected the UN vote (at 3:50).

Despite the talking points that pushed that remark, no credible expert, commentator or reporting in the wake of that Security Council failure has provided any evidence that Ignatieff's comment had any influence at all at the UN. Yet here we have a poll, earnestly putting the proposition to the public to see what they think. High times in Canadian politics.