Friday, October 15, 2010

Today in Lawrence Cannon foreign affairs prowess

Keep the UN Security Council failed bid in the news, Mr. Cannon: "U.S. pledged to back Canada UN bid: Cannon." By coming off as whining that we may not have had U.S. backing. Seeming to sign on to right wing commentary in the U.S. that has been pushed by Fox News to the effect that the Obama administration sat on its hands when it came to the Canadian bid. Which commentary went off into conspiracy theory about North American liberal backroom dealing to make the Harper government look bad. And really, as we know, you don't need any special backroom dealing to make that happen, as we are learning quite frequently these days.

Capital idea to venture down this road. Fostering tension between Canada and the U.S., just top shelf stuff for a Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister. We don't call him Lawrence "Loose" Cannon for nothin'!

The Harper government: why accept responsibility when you can blame someone - anyone - else?