Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Tough being Minister

Drip, drip, drip:
Two other members of cabinet minister Christian Paradis' political staff were involved in gatekeeping the release of Access to Information documents, internal emails suggest.
Should be a busy Question Period today for Minister Paradis. Or John Baird. Probably John Baird.

Do you know how hard it is to be minister? This hard:
"I asked Mr. Togneri, he said it was the only incident, he testified to that. Requests for access to information, I'm not sure if you know how big that file is, it's huge," Paradis said Monday.

"There's a question of trust there, and he assured me it was an error made in good faith. When I found out about these other cases, I accepted his resignation, I sent along the file, as I should — it's my responsibility as minister."
Do you know how big the access to information file is? It's huge, man. Huge. So what do we expect from Mr. Paradis and those who work under his oversight? To be on top of these files? I mean, who do we, the Canadian public, think we are, anyway? With our silly expectations that political staffers don't stifle information the Canadian people have a right to know.

What nonsense. This minister is coming off as a finger pointer and royal buck passer. With other political staff of his now being drawn into these access to information breaches, Paradis' credibility and competence are still in issue.