Thursday, October 28, 2010

Veterans day of protest may have one more reason

Good question: Has the government issued orders prohibiting military personnel and DND civilian staff from taking part in the November 6 Veterans protest? David Pugliese reports that may be the case:
Some veterans have voiced concern that military personnel and DND employees are being ordered to stay away from the Saturday, Nov. 6 nation-wide veterans protest and march…..even though they want to attend on their own time and not in uniform (for military personnel).
If this is true, it's remarkably intrusive and against their right to freedom of assembly.

When asked yesterday in the House of Commons about whether any orders had been so given, Harper replied:
Of course not, Mr. Speaker. But the government does not have to issue any such orders, because the truth of the matter is this: when it comes to standing up for the men and women in uniform, getting them the equipment they need, these people understand that there is only one party in this Parliament that supports them. It is this government. When it comes to improving benefits for our veterans, there is only one party that has not voted against those things, as the NDP has done. It is this party. We will continue to protect our men and women in uniform today and in the future.
No orders necessary when you're the most veteran supporting government ever. Who happens to be facing a national day of protest from veterans.

That is one awesome disconnect.