Thursday, November 18, 2010

Missing: the OPP G20 expenses!

The Toronto Police have submitted their expenses to the Toronto Police Services Board.

The RCMP's spending has been released as well.

As heinous as a bunch of it is. A reminder: "...most of the accommodation cost, $57-million, went to a massive trailer camp in Muskoka – a cost of $700 per room per night, according to RCMP officials. The lack of available hotel rooms near the Deerhurst summit left no other option, RCMP officials said." Some of that OPP G8 spending up there must be in the same heinous ballpark. OPP spending has seen any daylight as of yet. In the $100 million range too. Very noticeable when the other forces have been able to disclose theirs. Yesterday Vic Toews gave us the date for the OPP expense release:
Hon. Vic Toews (Minister of Public Safety, CPC): Mr. Speaker, the arrangement with the OPP is that it has until December 1 of this year to submit all of their G8 and G20 expenses. This is significantly shorter than the deadline for other security events, indeed years shorter.

The member opposite knows that the deadline has been in place from the beginning of our agreement with the OPP....
The Julian Fantino led OPP, that is! Who is facing a November 29th by-election!

One of these police forces is clearly bringing up the rear here, it is a glaring omission.