Thursday, November 25, 2010

Today in Fantino

The OPP has partially complied with the parliamentary committee order to disclose G20 spending records. Apparently not everything is there, which doesn't really look good. Why some and not all, obviously, is the question. Mr. Fantino's PMO flack is clinging to the original December 1st disclosure deadline to fend off the charge that the non-disclosure is unacceptable, among other Harperian specials that he flings off in his response.

Hopefully whatever is there is Scribd by someone so we plebeians can pick over the entrails. I will be looking for anything that indicates monogramming or emblazoning of clothing with the initials "J.F." on items like jackets, capes, hats, etc. That or more glow sticks would be good.

Elsewhere, the second part of that Eye Weekly series by Derek Finkle on Fantino is out: "Toronto police farce: Part 2." The upshot:
"In the finale to a story that’s been making headlines, detective Garry Carter reveals what he believes to be the real reason the biggest mob sting in Canadian history died a premature fate: to keep the investigation of Susan Eng from ever becoming public."
More on the Toronto police and those recordings here. Lengthy but interesting read on it all. Probably coming too late in this campaign, given the detail of the allegations by Carter, but there it is.