Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Warped justice

The New York Times has a good editorial on the Khadr plea deal today. "[N]ot a legal victory anyone can feel proud about" is the lead. It is a fairly thorough rebuke of the entire case, its manner of prosecution, the premise of Khadr's war crimes charges, Khadr's treatment in custody, the sham jury verdict even after a plea deal was in place and the views of the controversial forensic psychiatrist offered at sentencing, to highlight some key points.
A plea deal of eight years is better, obviously, than requiring Mr. Khadr to live his entire life behind bars. But he has already been imprisoned for eight years. That should have been enough.
Worth a read and, for what it's worth, at least it's a statement of record in the leading U.S. editorial page.

(h/t NG)