Sunday, December 19, 2010

About all those Pratt & Whitney jobs Clement promised

Recall this past Monday, Tony Clement went out to Pratt & Whitney in Mississauga and made a big p.r. show out of a government funding announcement for that company. Job promises were the big feature, with Clement and the government spin making it seem to all watching that thousands of jobs would be the result. The numbers didn't really hold up though, with even Pratt & Whitney not matching the government's job number rhetoric. It turned out that about 200 new jobs might be created as a result of that announcement instead of the thousands the government wanted to portray. That was Monday though.

There was word on Friday afternoon that Pratt & Whitney is going to lay off 70 workers in Montreal. Coming so soon on the heels of that big funding announcement, this is a real slap in the face:
Aerospace giant Pratt & Whitney will lay off 70 employees in the new year, QMI Agency has learned.

This comes just days after the federal government announced it would inject $300 million for the firm’s $1-billion research and development project.
“In this period of economic uncertainty, it is extremely important that our customers remain our priority, that we continue to invest in our future and that we remain competitive by improving our costs structure,” employees were told in an e-mail sent in November by company president John Saabas.

The Montreal-area firm benefited from $1.5 billion from taxpayers between 1993 and 2006.
Not an auspicious start to the job creation that was supposed to result from the major government announcement. What an embarrassment to see that within a week.

Way to fight for Canadian jobs, Harper government!