Monday, December 06, 2010

Can you feel the excitement

The's enough to put a person right back to sleep: "Harper eyes cabinet shuffle with possible election in the cards."
Prime Minister Stephen Harper, with an eye on a potential spring election, is contemplating a cabinet shuffle to re-energize his team and bring greater focus to his government’s priorities.
Re-energize? Don't we mean "recalibrate," to use the Harperian lexicon? This is a tired government that is offering little in the way of substance to Canadians but plenty of Groundhog Day-like cynical political tactics. The story lines have largely been written. We're in a holding pattern until the next election. Hard to believe that there are new faces in the mix to put a fresh coat on this government.

For example, trolling around the news today, we see the same old law and order shtick about to be doled out again, there's word of some anti-terrorism "road map" to come this week. Likely with all the elaborate photo-op staging they can muster but with this government's foot-dragging and proroguing record, likely never to be passed. In the background meanwhile, behind the scenes, they're quietly delaying regulations that "police say they need to quickly trace guns used in crimes." But, but...tough on crime!

There's the ongoing environmental recalcitrance, see the news today: "Canada gets ready to walk away from Kyoto Protocol." Holding out for a heroic world-wide effort before acting, when the internal advice they're getting says "stringent international climate-change policies are no threat to Alberta’s oilsands industry."

There's the ongoing hypocrisy on their own profligate spending, the latest being approved by the Prime Minister himself, as they preach to Canadians and other governmental actors about restraint.

Good luck putting a re-energized sheen on all that. In any given week, it keeps coming and coming.

The decision on what to do with the talkative Julian Fantino might be interesting to watch, admittedly, for many reasons. Looking forward to the PMO brain trust's handling of that little hot potato. Wonder how well Fantino's "Hitler theory" went over in Prime Ministerial land this weekend. Sure got a lot of attention!

A day of excitement, maybe, for media and Conservative fans. For the rest of us, probably just a host of fresh meat to put through our grinders, as this crowd of Harper enablers verily deserves.