Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Charest on Tout le monde en parle

Great political television in Canada! Really:

Quebec Premier Jean Charest took the hot seat on Tout le Monde en parle on Sunday and it was riveting (Part 2 if you are inclined). Hang in to the end of the video and you will see a panelist aggressively challenge Charest after Charest's extensive defence of his decision not to call a public inquiry on corruption in the construction industry, his refusal to resign, etc. Serious, no-holds barred, unscripted political television that is entirely absent in English Canada. Why can't we have that?

Charest's in a tight spot but he is fighting and has tremendous political abilities, clearly on display here. Whether it will ultimately be enough, yet to be seen. Given that his party's the main federalist option in Quebec, we should care though.

It is interesting how, in the past year, the bottom has just fallen out from under certain politicians in this country and the public support then evaporates. Wonder if it is possible that we will be in for such a moment to occur at the federal level. It is a different era and some days anything seems possible. Charest said as much on the show, almost praying for a turn back toward him:
Voter volatility is higher now than it’s ever been. There is more volatility and that gives us something to consider in knowing that people can easily change their mind.
Think it can't happen at the federal level? Why not?