Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The clamps are on!

"Fantino sticks to Conservative script upon swearing-in." It looks like Mr. F will be dispensing colourful tidbits like his Hitler theory no more:
In his first foray before the microphones after being sworn in as the new federal MP for Vaughn, former OPP chief Julian Fantino said as little as possible, other than to boost the government’s Conservative law-and-order agenda.

Flanked by Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, a former Manitoba crown attorney, Fantino was asked about Opposition demands that all costs associated with the G20 summit in Toronto be made public.

Fantino dismissed the Opposition’s criticisms as “just a red herring.”

“All of those issues were addressed, they’re addressed, it’s totally transparent and there’s no way in any way, shape or form that those criticisms were valid.”

Toews interjected as reporters tried to ask Fantino a follow-up. “Look, we’ve indicated very clearly that those numbers are going to be available to the press.”

“The by-election is over. Mr. Fantino is here. The numbers are coming,” said Toews. “Relax.”

Pressed further, Toews would only respond the tallies would be made public “soon.”
His much-touted arrival on Parliament Hill was brief. Fantino turned and was whisked away from further questions by the minister and at least two aides.
Yes, the content edicts have been issued and he now has a travel buddy at the mikes! That has got to chafe.

You gotta be tougher than that, Mr. F!