Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Fantino leviathan arrives

The Harper types are all making nicey nice thus far about the Fantino arrival, especially the guy who is in the slot most suited for Mr. F:
"I'll tell you, I'm so happy to see Mr. Fantino here," Toews said. "He's a wonderful addition, he's been a great public servant in Ontario for more than 40 years — more than happy to be in the caucus with Mr. Fantino," Toews said.

Will Toews run in the next election?

"Why wouldn't I? I've run four times now, the last time the good people of Provencher gave me about 65 per cent of the this point I still have every intention of running in the next election."
Methinks Toews is overdoing it in the happiness department. Note also the "at this point" qualification, meaning that he just might be open to leaving. Might be an idea since Harp could be eyeing that portfolio for Mr. F:
“He will be an important part of our Conservative team’s effort to make sure we get these crime bills through Parliament,” Harper said before posing for pictures with Fantino.
My, getting crime bills through Parliament with the newbie. What's he going to do, stop Harper from proroguing again? It's gettin' to be that special time of year after all!

Or is he going to help get the crime bills through Parliament on his charm and powers of persuasion? Made a big splash with some controversial "hug a thug" bravado on Power & Politics yesterday (at the end of the campaign too). He really doesn't seem to have much time for the Charter at all. Could make for some more fascinating one-on-ones between Trudeau and Fantino. What better generational contrast could you ask for anyway?

Fantino is casting a big shadow already. Can't imagine that a certain someone is going to like that very much or for very long.

Update (7:55 a.m.): An update from the by-election, Fantino's win margin has been reduced from 997 to 964.