Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy thoughts at year's end

Ah yes, what do we have today...someone's looking to build a Prime Ministerial bunker in case terror or nuclear winter rain down upon us: "New site sought for government command centre during emergency."
Plans are in the works for a new backup site to house the Prime Minister’s Office and his large team of political staff and bureaucrats in the event of a terrorist attack or other emergency.

Having a backup command centre for the Prime Minister is not a new concept, but government reports and memos obtained through Access to Information provide a rare window as to how the government might run in the event of a major emergency and what would be needed.
Not a new concept, hey? Well it is if a bunch of money has to be spent on it and nobody knows anything about those little monetary details, which sound quite big actually, unless reporters start asking questions. The Globe is right about the window into "how the government might be run" and "what would be needed" being of interest though.

How the government might be run...well, by the Prime Minister it appears. No mention whatsoever of Parliament or how it would operate in the event of said assorted catastrophes. Surely there must be plans for parliamentary operation of some kind, just not mentioned here. At least, there should be. Maybe the PMO/PCO could pencil that one in somewhere if they have time amidst all the secret bunker plans.

What would be needed? Well, taping facilities, of course: "The alternate site would include a communications centre and an ability for the Prime Minister to deliver live broadcasts and videotaping." And that "essential service" of "secret printing." Yes, that sounds essential for any bunker.

It's all just a draft says a Prime Ministerial spokesman, not to worry our pretty little heads over costs and secret plans. Between this and that new Taj Mahal for the DND spy agency, maybe we should start.

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean everyone's not out to get you, you know. A maxim for Harper's Canada.

P.S. That Diefenbunker might be an idea if the Globe would just ixnay on the ocation-lay.