Monday, December 27, 2010


Mark Bonokoski was introduced as "the voice of The Sun" in early September.

The voice said this on December 1st:
If I were in charge of QMI Agency, and therefore newsroom boss of its 36 major dailies and 200-plus community newspapers, I would send out an edict that no picture of convicted killer-rapist Russell Williams will ever again be published in our pages with him wearing a military uniform.

But I have no such clout. Perhaps the power of suggestion will win the day.

It would be the right thing for the largest newspaper chain in Canada to do, and for it to then publicly state why this corporate decision was made.
End of December, QMI selects Williams as its newsmaker of the year, replete with picture in military garb.

If the Sun doesn't listen to its chosen voice, why should we?