Sunday, December 26, 2010

Most viewed posts of last 6 months

A bit of a year end review thing here just for fun. The Blogger stats page indicates that these were the most viewed posts on the blog since May, so I thought I'd share them again. Takes you back to all these swell moments in (mostly) Canadian politics.

1. Things that aren't surprising, July 7th.
I caught an early run of a Sun media report with a quote that later disappeared from the final version. A brouhaha was alleged in the report over the Queen's sleeping arrangements during her summer visit. National Newswatch linked so it got a bunch of views.

2. Put it in D, November 1st.
A simple post with an Obama video. Who knew.

3. Bravo National Post, December 16th.
In which I got a little worked up in criticizing a National Post columnist. That can happen around here from time to time.

4. Peter MacKay debunked, August 4th.
As I have said before, David Pugliese is a national treasure. That was a fun one.

5. A national disgrace, December 8th.
On the rejection of a Senate bill to help the disabled Nortel workers. Self-explanatory title and a continuing disgrace.

6. “You can’t have the Prime Minister handing out radio and TV licences.” August 19th.
Lawrence Martin's column on the prospect of Sun TV getting must carry status with an assist from the PM was worth a push.

7. About that cerebral approach to governance..., July 27th.
Conservative Senate staffer caught astroturfing in Ottawa Citizen.

8. About that Friday night poll just out, August 20th.
An Ipsos poll gets some scrutiny.

9. Asleep at the switch, October 24th.
Guess who has been asleep at the switch? You know.

Thanks for reading.