Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On the lighter side

This was a serious event but the ending is kind of hilarious: "RCMP response to Newfoundland standoff to be reviewed."
A man slipped away from the scene of a week-long armed standoff in Newfoundland and got a lift out of town to buy smokes while police guarded what turned out to be an empty house for nearly 16 more hours, the RCMP said Monday.

The Mounties said the man snuck past their security perimeter on Friday night after they gathered on one side of his house to pump water into it with high-pressure hoses in an effort to resolve the standoff in Bay Bulls, N.L.

“In essence, we had one side of the house fully covered and positioned and another side that wasn’t,” Sgt. Boyd Merrill said in an interview.
The National's coverage last night is worth watching simply for the RCMP officer and his quotes, for example, "Police work is not an exact science." No kidding.