Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Pinko musings on Cherry, CBC

What a spectacle Rob Ford gave us yesterday. On Cherry, judging by CBC's response to his recent extra-curricular political activism, it's not clear that there's much to be done about it other than let one's views be known to them (address). He was agitating and mean-spirited yesterday, poking Torontonians in the eye with his disparaging talk. The guest in our house who just didn't know how to behave. Wouldn't hurt for Cherry to hear some backlash which may cause him to moderate it.

Kudos to John Doyle for urging people to think seriously about this unique situation. It is one of those grey area situations where many sensible people would think twice about their actions yet there are those in our society these days, like Cherry, who seem to have no qualms about barging right ahead.

While we're on the topic of the public broadcaster and its independence, there's an issue that's been brewing that we might want to start paying a bit more attention to: Quebecor's machinations against the CBC. Some of it has been under the radar, such as the access to information requests that CBC is being pressed on, by Quebecor for example. It got some more attention yesterday on Parliament Hill at a committee as the extensive campaign that's being waged saw a bit more light. Interesting how Quebecor's efforts seem to be in sync with the Harper government's animosity toward CBC.

More food for about Dean Del Mastro being elevated to the Heritage portfolio? Not seen it anywhere but it wouldn't surprise.

A few things to think about while we're wailing on the Cherry situation.