Friday, December 10, 2010

Queen Marjory I of Canada

The Queen of the Senate speaks on her party's intent to kill the Supreme Court French language bill that has been passed in the House of Commons. Now hear ye:
But Sen. Marjory LeBreton, leader of the government in the Senate, rejects the idea that her side of the chamber is delaying the bill, and she says very clearly that the Conservatives are opposed to it.

“We’ve got a lot of government legislation before the Senate and government legislation takes precedence,” she said. “A private member’s bill, when we get a chance, we do address them.”

Ms. LeBreton said a number of senators still want to speak to the bill, as is their right, before sending it to committee.

“I fully support the tradition of sending bills to committee and we will do that with this bill, that’s our intention,” she said.
Be assured Canadians, "we do address" private members' bills. The Queen will also fully support the tradition of sending bills to committee. Small mercies.

Yet the Queen is unmoved by the elected legitimacy of the House of Commons:
After the bill is finished in committee though, it would most certainly be defeated because the Conservatives outnumber the Liberals.

“The government is fundamentally opposed to the bill because we believe that we must be guided by the principles of merit and legal excellence,” Ms. LeBreton said. She said the bill discriminates against unilingual Canadians and would reduce the pool of qualified candidates for the Supreme Court.
Thank you, oh Queen, for substituting your considered judgment and the view of the minority Conservative government and the Prime Minister for the elected majority of the House of Commons. Duly noted by your subjects.

Seems like it's very good to be Marjory these days.