Friday, December 10, 2010

What a drag

Mr. F continues to regale us on his Vaughan by-election campaign experience:
“The numbers albeit that separated the win may not have been that great in the eyes of some people, but we overcame a huge, huge obstacle to win in the end,” Fantino said. “I didn’t expect the campaign itself to be such a drag, in the point of view of the attacks, and the misinformation and the posturing. That kind of amazed me a bit. But we didn’t dwell on it. I did what I had to do. I spent my time, from very early in the morning to very late and night, meeting widely with people – I didn’t create a fanfare over it, I didn’t challenge my opponents to do the same or to anything. Being portrayed as I was just challenged me to work harder.”
You gotta be tougher than that, Mr. F!

Some advice for Mr. Fantino from his recent sparring partner, in the context of Fantino's recent, shall we say, narrowly articulated views on the merits of the Charter:
“A member of parliament doesn’t just represent the people who voted for him,” Trudeau said. “They represent everyone in their riding. You are a voice now for the entire riding of Vaughan, Mr. Fantino.”

He said Fantino is in a “learning process as a politician”.

“And I know he’s going to learn to temper his words and be a better representative for everyone in Vaughan, at least I hope he does, as he advances in his short time as a representative for Vaughan until the next election.”
His short time, zing! Over to you, Mr. F!

For some reason, this song just came to mind...